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Empowering Expat Families

Being an expat family can be one of the most amazing experiences in the world as well as one of the most difficult.

On one hand, it is an exciting time with new opportunities and experiences ahead, while on the other hand, the sudden realisation that everything in your new home country is unfamiliar can hit you hard.

Expat Families at Home

Life can become overwhelming when you are faced with a new environment; establishing clarity regarding your role as a spouse, parent, or employee is vital. 

As a couple, creating a home in a new country can bring tension to a relationship and, at times, harmonious family life seems to fall apart. If you are a parent experiencing such difficulties, your children’s well-being will be of prime concern.

Sharing your feelings, fears, and worries with a neutral person without judgement helps to put things into perspective. I will support you in defining your personal needs and help you discover new opportunities and meaningful tools to handle the challenges. This will help contribute to your well-being and will enable your expat family life to thrive.

As a professionally trained mediator and counsellor, I will assist you in navigating through the crisis and finding a sustainable way forward. This will help strengthen you individually to create a better understanding for each other and build stronger family connections in order to flourish as an individual, as a couple, and as a family.

Even with the best intentions a relationship can fail, and perhaps the conclusion is reached that a separation is inevitable. In this case, my goal is to help you work out the best way forward for the family – parents and children.

Expat Families and School

As a parent, you want your children to be happy and successful at school to develop their full academic potential. If your child is emotionally or socially unsettled, their learning can be affected. I can support your child in establishing a resilient sense of self to thrive and help you to offer additional support as a parent.

Expat Families and Business

How can you maintain a sustainable work-life balance and strengthen resilience in the workplace?

I can assist you in reaching your full potential in finding a healthy balance between family life and a fulfilling career.

Claudia Schweizer is the founder of Expat Family.

Claudia is a passionate mediator and counsellor with over 20 years of experience in coaching individuals and families, mediating intercultural conflicts, and assisting in family issues, separation, and divorce. Her approach to any challenging situation has always been to find a sustainable solution that prioritises the children’s welfare.

She is a qualified mediator SDM (Schweizerischer Dachverband Mediation) and a former teacher. She worked for several years as a counsellor at an international school.

Claudia lived abroad for many years, is married and a mother to four adult children partially raised abroad. She has experienced transitioning to new places first-hand, has felt the ups and downs of this exciting life and is familiar with the challenges of settling in well.

Claudia is part of a professional network and works with a small team of experts in related areas. She offers customised support and solutions for any expat family issues.

We care about expat families

We are dedicated to supporting expat families through transitions and crises by providing professional and personalised help.

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